Internets of Interest:24 Feb 11

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 24 Feb 11:

  • On sorting, tagging and other nerdery – Brett Terpstra

    I use OpenMeta tags to sort and search all of my data. I primarily use Gravity Apps Tags, Default Folder X and Spotlight, but make frequent use of HoudahSpot and the command line openmeta utility as well (among many other OpenMeta-compatible apps). I donít stake the life of my data on the continued availability or stability of the OpenMeta system, but in combination with a consistent, shallow folder hierarchy, I know where things are, even without the convenience of tags. 

    My system is almost identical. Now that I’m downloading PDF from because of poor usability and iPad reading on the move, I need a way to store and retrieve those files. Open Meta Tags is very awesome for this.

  • InformationWeek Analytics ::Best Practices: IPv6 Transition

    As weíll discuss, you canít know exactly how IPv4 address depletion will harm your businessóor how an IPv6 deployment can help itóuntil you do some analysis. But every company that depends on the Internet should have a migration plan in place based on industry best practices. In this report, weíll do four things. First, weíll help you lay out a business justification by explaining how some providersí workaroundsósolutions entirely out of your controlócan cost you customers. Then, weíll detail four steps you should take now to lay the foundation for IPv6 and discuss five fundamental things to think about as you make your plans. Weíll end with a trio of case studies demonstrating practical IPv6 deployments, with tailored recommendations. 

    Big thanks to Cisco who paid for it, and made it available to everyone.

  • Fragmentation Needed: VTP pruning – not all it’s cracked up to be – Chris Marget does some interesting testing on VTP Pruning (relevant for low latency reconvergence) but Matt makes some valuable notes in the comments.

    It is also worth noting that VTP pruning does not help reduce your logical port count for STP limitations. For example, a 6500 running PVST+ can handle 1,800 logical interfaces per slot. With 500 VLANs forwarding on each trunk port, that means you max out at only 3-4 ports used on each slot. 

    VTP pruning does nothing to help this. Every VLAN on the switch is considered by STP to be forwarding out every trunk port. Only “switchport trunk allowed vlan” will actually remove the STP logical interface for the unwanted VLANs from that port.

    I’d forgotten about that.

  • HP: Changing the rules of networking

    On K.13.71, this was not a problem. Everything worked great and we had connectivity to the loopbackís IP address (which we use for SNMP, RADIUS, pretty much everything). At some point, however, things changed.
    You may remember from the previous article that I upgraded some 5400s to K.14.49m. This software doesnít behave in the same way. In my defense, I do read the release notes before upgrading and I donít recall any mention of this change. 

    Jeremy talking about HP and some disturbing quality issues in HP firmware. This is core competency that basic testing should pickup. Raises serious questions about HP Networking software quality in my mind.

  • Everything that can go wrong with Windows Phone 7 update does

    It wasn’t meant to be like this 

    This is a monumental cock-up. Failing to install properly is bad. Corrupting firmware and needing recovery is terrible. Bricking handsets altogether is inexecusable. Who on earth wants to schlep into a store to get a new handset just because Microsoft and Samsung screwed something up? In spite of the handsets being available for four months now, in spite of having a month or more to test the update, it doesn’t actually work.

    Sounds like desktop Windows. 25 years of development, billions in R&D and it’s still not reliable ? I’ll pass.

  • Avaya Adopts Shortest Path Bridging, Expands Network Virtualization ó – My guess is that ERS8600 and 8800 is popular as an ethernet carrier edge and implementing SPB ensures continuing sales. Additionally, Avaya have decided to NOT support TRILL.
  • Markdown snippets for TextExpander touch – Brett Terpstra – Some clever use of syntax in these snippets fro TextExpander. To open/close curly brackets you double open – which is easy to do on a keyboard AND a iPhone / iPad. I like the way Brett thinks through his expansion shortcodes.