Internets of Interest:22nd Nov 09

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 22nd Nov 09:

  • Security Overview (The Chromium Projects)

    The perfect is the enemy of the good. No security solution is ever perfect. Mistakes will be made, there will be unforeseen interactions between multiple complex systems that create security holes, and there will be vulnerabilities that aren’t caught by pre-release testing. Thus, we must not allow our search for some mythical perfect system to stop us from shipping something that is still very good.

    Apt words to describe the Security Conundrum. I think I will steal this to use in future documentation. :-)

  • TAC Security Show Podcasts [Security] – Cisco Systems

    Cisco TAC Security has a podcast every month. Started in June 2009. Haven’t listened to it yet, but is gotta be good enough for the price


  • What are you reporting? – Report abuse – CEOP

    Facebook and MySpace are refusing to participate in a program that protects children from exploitation while online. They are being asked to add a ‘safety button’ for children on their websites to allow children to ask questions or report unacceptable behaviour. My guess is that they want to control the story to make sure that they don’t get any negative publicity, and possibly be able to bury any news that doesn’t suit their purposes.Amoral capitalism at it’s very finest indeed


  • Mellanox pushes InfiniBand to 120Gb/s ï The Register

    While Ethernet has just reached 10GB/s, Infiniband is stable for four years at 40GB/s and moving to 120GB/s. Which makes me ask the question, why are we using Ethernet to connect our servers together in the data centre ?

  • Scroll Clock

    Just go and look at this. A clock using Javascript and Scroll bars. Mesmerizing, in a weird way.

  • – The Global Broadband Quality Test

    Yet another site to help test the performance of your internet connection. This one is based in Europe so is actually useful.Note that some ISP’s traffic shape to improve the performance of so they “look better”.

  • Slashdot Your Rights Online Story | Facebook Photos Lead To Cancellation of Quebec Woman’s Insurance

    Besides all the obvious questions, how did the insurance company access her locked Facebook profile?”

    Which is why I don’t use Facebook for personal data. I can’t bring myself to trust Facebook with anything serious as I believe they are “evil corp”.

  • SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web (Chromium Developer Documentation)

    Google Whitepaper that provides a quick overview of the SPDY (SPeeDY). Of particular interest to networking people is the use of the SESSION layer of the OSI model – possibly the first known use anywhere.

  • Did Cisco learn from its press mistakes from the last Cisco Live event? | Community – <p>So sayeth a journalist from Network World : </p>

    Cisco needs to start giving the press the same info that they give partners for events, being able to schedule the events in advance helps the press with budgets. Since the price of hotels and air flights are so high they should cut the press some slack and start to think about them a little more.

    Look a journalist whining about having to pay to attend Cisco Live and demanding special privileges doesn’t cut it in my book. The days of journalists as gatekeepers is largely over, and they bring little value to the networking debate because they are competency deficient ie. they aren’t network engineers, they are writers. Pay up or get out of the pool.

    Note also that this guy is the CEO of reseller. He is being tight with his cash.

  • xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe

    Oh yes. It’s the truth.