Internets of Interest for 21st October 2012


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 21st October 2012 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Networking Field Day 4 – Thoughts and Impressions | Michael McNamara – Great wrap and viewpoints on Network Field Day 4.

Service Providers: A Technical View of the 24-P… | Brocade Communities – Interesting insights into the silicon inside the Brocade Ethernet switches:

Altogether the 400 MHz MaxScale-160 ASIC uses 1.38 billion transistors, and is built on 45 nm process geometry. “Process geometry” means the smallest dimension that can be drawn into the silicon to define a transistor, which is the building block used to make logic gates. A total of 352 Mbits of embedded memory plus 29.6 Mbits of TCAM made the ASIC a challenge for our foundry vendor to manufacture, because it has some of the highest integrated TCAM content.

joel zimmerman – 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! – Best collection of Life Hacks I’ve ever seen.

Cisco Systems to Acquire ArrowPoint Communications – The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site – This is the press release for the Arrowpoint product that became the Application Control Engine. Cisco looks to be ending the ACE product, which is the second or third generation of Arrowpoint load balancers purchased for USD$5.7 billion in 2000. A fair bit of money to lose in 11 years. .

Based on the closing price of $63 5/8 on May 4, 2000, this exchange ratio values the transaction at approximately $5.7 billion

Light Reading – Optical Networking – Chips Race to Absorb the Line Card – Telecom News Analysis – Article on new silicon that expects to replace the dozens of chips used on today’s line cards:

A few semiconductor vendors now say they can encapsulate an entire line card into a programmable chip, an achievement they’re hoping will spawn new generations of networking equipment as 100Gbit/s speeds begin to take hold.

Newer Ethernet companies are shrinking the silicon dies and getting performance and power benefits. Long overdue in some ways.

junoscriptorium – A Repository for JUNOScripts: Commit, Event, and Op scripts for JUNOS – Google Project Hosting – A Repository for JUNOScripts: Commit, Event, and Op scripts for JUNOS

You Suck At PowerPoint! – please read. Especially the bit about fonts.

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Huawei and Cisco’s Source Code: Correcting the Record – Cisco hits back at recent Huawei press that didn’t steal anything. Here is Cisco blog site making their side of the case.

Apple Bonjour, Bonjour Gateway – Nice one from Andrew Von Nagy at Aerohive on how to get useful visibility into Bonjour as the workstation perceives the namespace:

To help you utilize Bonjour on such platforms, you’ll need to know about some 3rd party software packages. I’ve done some research and compiled such a list. Enjoy!

  • Brent Salisbury

    “You Suck At PowerPoint” was amazing. Makes me want to trash half my decks. I need to figure out the whole font thing. Slowly learning but much to go. Thanks!