Internets of Interest:2 Sep 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 2 Sep 10:

  • Avaya ERS8600 Planning and Engineering Network Design | Michael McNamara
    Avaya has released an updated version of it’s Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 Planning and Engineering Network Design document. The document, NN46205-200, Rev 02.02, was originally released with the 5.1 software release for the Ethernet Routing Switch 8600. The document has been updated to include some of the features and changes incorporated into the software since the document was originally published.

    Love reading Design Guides, especially non-Cisco ones because they challenge your mindset and make you consider what might be wrong with a Cisco design.

  • If you have these challenges… might need a Vblock – Data Center Networks
    n April, VMware/Cisco/EMC participated in a Tech Field Day event where various IT vendors had the opportunity to present current products and future vision to technology bloggers with a variety of backgrounds. VCE Vblock was one of the focus areas of a 2hr session towards the end of the event.

    I love Tech Field Day Gestalt IT Tech Field Day because I learn so much in such a short period of time. One of the best every presentation was the VCE people. This article summarises our key objections.

  • Security in a Virtual World: Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Nexus 1000V – Data Center Networks
    At VMworld yesterday, Ed Bugnion introduced our Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for Nexus 1000V, which led to an avalanche of questions.

    I'm hoping to get more information on the VSG soon, but until then, here is your best start for Cisco ASA firewalls as a virtual appliance running on VMware.

  • VMworld 2010 – A different crowd – Data Center Networks – Notable because it's video content from Cisco that doesn't suck. Contains real people, and actual information. ??Unlike those stupid video brochures. AArrrgggghh.
  • Misconfigured networks main cause of breaches
    Responses to a survey from attendees of the DEFCON 18 conference revealed that 73% came across a misconfigured network more than three quarters of the time – which, according to 76% of the sample, was the easiest IT resource to exploit.

    Use this data to get your manager to make some resource available to do the network audit you've always be meaning to do.

  • Welcome to GNS3 Vault
    GNS3Vault is offering you labs and scenarios that you can download and use with the GNS3 software.

    There are different types of labs that will find here, and you can run them all on your own computer, no real hardware needed! Studying networking has never been easier…

    What are we offering you?

    Cool Scenarios to get the maximum out of your networking experience 😉
    Downloadable topologies that you can use right away with the GNS3 software.
    Different levels of difficulty, there's something for everyone…novice, intermediate and expert!
    The forum where you can discuss about all the labs.
    It's possible to review labs.
    You can share your labs with others.

    And the best thing….it's all for FREE!

    Can't go wrong. Check it out.

  • Xsigo rejiggers virtual I/O director for Ethernet • The Register – A viable alternative to Cisco UCS for any brand of servers is the Xsigo Director. You should take a look, the product is truly different and solid technical foundation.