Internets of Interest:2 Mar 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 2 Mar 10:

  • Nokia Siemens: LTE more than higher speeds | Networking | iPhone Central | Macworld
    Attention has been focused on the higher speeds that will be offered by next generation LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile networks, but improved latency will be equally important to users, according to Nokia Siemens.

    I hadn't thought of latency, those current model of GGSN and SGSN is really latent and hard to maintain. I guess they couldn't make it any worse.

  • Brocade Communities : Corporate: It’s All About the Applications, Stupid!

    I was pointed to this blog post by a Brocade person on twitter after pointing out that "Application Delivery Controllers" is marketing linguistics at it's very worst. Calling a cows arse a "centre of organic fertiliser enhancement production" doesn't mean it's not a cows arse. This reads like it was stolen off the brochure. Boring.

    Brocade’s ADX application delivery solutions provide the industry’s most flexible and scalable platforms for server load balancing, server offload and application security. With a purpose-built family of hardware platforms ranging from 1U to 10U and a rich set of L4-7 features, the ADX gives customers of all sizes a best-in-class solution that currently powers many of the world’s most demanding data centers. The ADX helps both service providers and enterprise IT organizations address their current application delivery needs while providing a scalable foundation for continued growth.

  • Force10 IPO — Better Late Than Never? – GigaOM
    Force10 sells telecommunications networking gear as well as 10 gigabit Ethernet gear for the data center. It’s the data center market that’s growing most for Force10, although the opportunity to provide aspects of the core network and backhaul components for telecommunications providers as they switch to all-IP architectures is another mid-term opportunity.

    Force10 is a company that makes REALLY fast and REALLY large ethernet switches and routers. The Nexus 7000 is puny looking compared to some of this gear. On the basis of performance and capacity, you should at least look at their products and understand what Cisco has not delivered and, according to recent news about in shipment delays, may not be able to deliver any time soon.

  • The Brads – a comic about web design » The Brads – Why DRM Doesn’t Work – Profound. And true.