Internets of Interest for 18th February 2013


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 18th February 2013 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Who needs HP and Dell? Facebook now designs all its own servers | Ars Technica – I'm continuing to watch OpenCompute closely. In a carefully designed cloud, you don't need Cisco UCS, just "a server".

Facebook says it gets 24 percent financial savings from having a lower-cost infrastructure, and it saves 38 percent in ongoing operational costs as a result of building its own stuff. Facebook's custom-designed servers don't run different workloads than any other server might—they just run them more efficiently.

"An HP or Dell server, or Open Compute server, they can all generally run the same workloads," Frankovsky said. "It's just a matter of how much work you get done per watt per dollar."

Everyone’s a Critic: The Critic Markup Language Proposal – More details on the Critic Markup language. A plain text markup so that people can perform change tracking on documents and not be locked into a proprietary format. If you aren't using Markdown today, then it's time to start finding a place in your workflow. RSS Sync Apocalypse Preview – Talking about the apparent Google abandonment of RSS reader. Feedburner is also at risk. Tough times for RSS ?

Ethernet at 40: Its daddy reveals its turbulent youth • The Register – My favourite part of this article with Bob Metcalfe on the history of Ethernet

We asked Metcalfe what the main usage-model requirements that his work on Ethernet were intended to solve. "No one wrote a requirements document," he said, "this is a research center."

Cisco Forecasts Sales That Miss Some Analysts’ Estimates – Bloomberg – Bloomberg suggesting that Cisco didn't do very well, and the future isn't looking any better

Cisco Systems Inc. forecast sales this quarter that missed analysts’ most optimistic projections, citing growth challenges in China and Europe and the prospect of lackluster government demand for networking equipment.

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