Internets of Interest for 17th September 2012


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 17th September 2012 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Access to INE CCIE Racks with iTerm2, expect and applescript | CCIE Blog – Simply brilliant. Thankyou!

If you are preparing for the CCIE, you are probably doing a lot of labs.

In my case, I use the INE rack rentals, in order to make my life easier and uniform across the different Macs I use, I created a script to automatically login into the INE rack rentals and another one to log directly into the 10 different devices in the topology with different tabs using iTerm2.

State of IPv6 in the Data Center Gear « by @ioshints

I have some great news for you: most vendors started supporting IPv6 in their data center switches.

Except for all the features that are not working. Like QoS.

Sub-Standard Deployments: VMware’s Achilles Heel – @SFoskett – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat – it’s VMware licensing complexity and changes that will create opportunities for OpenStack to enter the Enterprise and Service Provider market. Thinking that EMC wants/needs to extract too much cash from VMware.

But no company is invincible, and VMware’s Achilles Heel is beginning to show: Tiered licensing puts the unbeatable differentiating features out of reach for many customers, and they are rapidly adopting alternatives.

My Favorite Resume Puffs | Lame Journal – Classic find on peoples resume who are pretending to be Cisco certified (usually CCIE)

CCIE™ (pending)This is one of my all time favorite misdirects. Note that it doesn’t tell you whether they have even taken the written exam – it’s just a certification in progress. The “(pending)” is of course in much smaller writing so that it doesn’t stand out when you initially read the document. By the way, my resumé has been updated now to say “CCA (pending)”.

Migration from Virtual PortChannel to Cisco FabricPath  [Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches] – Cisco Systems – Cisco Whitepaper on Migration from Virtual PortChannel to Cisco FabricPath. Stored for future reading and reference.

Five Functional Facts about FabricPath | – Found this today. Good summary of in the mode of “five things you didn’t know about”. Got some good ideas from this.

An article on FabricPath could go into a lot of detail and be many pages long but I’m going to concentrate on five facts that I found particularly interesting as I’ve learned more about FabricPath.