Internets of Interest: 16th Jun

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 16th Jun:

  • ExpanDrivel " Menlo / Vera Sans Mono Comparison – The ExpanDrive Blog – This article has 'switching' graphics showing the differences between console fonts. Once you really 'see' the differences you understand what all the fuss is about.

    Highly recommend you look at the graphics on the differences between fonts. Download the free fonts at least and configure your PUTTY to default to using these fonts.

  • Betalogue » Blog Archive » Safari 4’s Full-Page Zoom: Impressive – He is right, using Command + on the keyboard increases the entire web page not just the text. That's way clever after an eight hour session of reading web pages on Cisco UCS and trying to work out what you need to buy. Then reading design guides.

    Get Safari and use it for general reading. The font rendering and graphics engine (even on Windows) is much better than (dare I say it) Firefox. But keep Firefox for special purposes such as CiscoWorks or other Java sites.

  • Wireshark: Files – Wireshark 1.2 goes stable. Time for a download!