Internets of Interest for 16th July 2012


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 16th July 2012 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Owning Failure – Words to live by:

If you haven’t failed at something in computer networking, you aren’t trying hard enough. Seriously.

Ethan Banks highlighting one of the more painful issues in our ITIL compliant world.

SDN Floodlight Controller GUI Topology Video and Install

There is a new topology component to the OpenFlow Controller FloodLight. The page is located in the GUI Web UI under the “Topology” menu and the balls on the screen represent hosts. I haven’t checked the listserv to see where they are going with it but it’s all in the right direction and actually reminds me of the OpenStack dev history video made with Gource the visualization software.

Introduction to Junos – Part 2 – This introduction to JunOS on Packet Pushers has been very popular so I’ll link to it from here.

Is VMware’s brain drain a sign of its influence, or of its demise? — Cloud Computing News – EMC is putting the thumb on VMware (which it owns):

I’ve also heard that EMC’s continued pressure on VMware to act in accordance with EMC’s wishes has driven away some talent. It’s too early to tell whether that’s for better or for worse — EMC has proven itself a smart company over the years — but working for one now-large enterprise (VMware) seemingly under the thumb of an ever bigger one (EMC) might not be a lure to top talent.

EMC is slowly bringing VMware, RSA and EMC into a single business. Not sure it’s deliberate or organic but that’s what is happening from where I sit.

Stormpath wants to add plug-and-play security to your cloud — Tech News and Analysis – Comedy Gold: “add plug-and-play security to your cloud”

Stormpath provides a cloud-based security API that developers can integrate into their services and apps as a plug-and-play solution. It handles all of the authentication processes, including the management of passwords, and provides analytics that both large companies and startups can use to see how their service is performing

Might work for low level / low risk / low profit business but hard to imagine using it for critical applications.

Google Adds Full Flash Sandbox to Chrome 21 | threatpost – Soon, Flash will be safe for everyday use.

“Today’s Chrome 21 beta release has fully sandboxed Flash on all versions of Windows,” Schuh, a member of Google’s security team, said on Twitter yesterday.

I only use Chrome for Flash. Deleted the Adobe version.

SDN APIs- I Think I Have Seen This Movie Before – Brent Salisbury males some great points about SDN APIs:

To see the future of SDN and arguably the future of networks, the roadmap is in our rear-view mirror. Like with most things the past holds the clues to the future and computing cycles fit that mold well.

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Cisco Catalyst 6500 Momentum [INFOGRAPHIC] – Gary Proefke wants to remind us that C6500 is still good with a nice infographic:

Customers are adopting the Sup2T and addressing the trends it enables. A solid roadmap reinforces the position of the Catalyst 6500 as the lead platform for delivering end-to-end network services in campus distribution and core well into the next decade.

I’m not buying it though. NXOS where I can, IOS-SX where I must.