Internets of Interest:16 Jan 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 16 Jan 10:

  • Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle – Residents complained that a wireless tower was making them sick – rashes, sleeplessnes, nausea etc etc. At a meeting to demand it be turned off, they all described their ailments where still occurring and on leaving their homes the symptoms stopped and that rashes took about six weeks to subside.

    The company then told them that the tower had been turned off six weeks ago and that the symptoms couldn't be related to the tower.


  • Microsoft and Intel Push One Million iSCSI IOPS – Gestalt IT – Tests by Microsoft and Intel shows that iSCSI performance is limited by poor driver software by pushing 1 MILLION IOPS over a 10Gigabit line. ??
    4 Fibre Channel and FCoE don’t rule performance – I don’t know of a Fibre Channel SAN that can push this kind of throughput or IOPS through a single link. Even FCoE over the same 10 GbE cable can’t quite do it. If they are to stay relevant, they had better come up with a compelling advantage over iSCSI!

  • Nonblocking minimal spanning switch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – I love this article on non-blocking switch architectures at Wikipedia. If you are into high-performance data centre design, especially if you are into storage networking, you will need to understand the concepts behind non-blocking crossbar fabrics to correctly specify non-blocking data centre switching designs.