Internets of Interest:12 Mar 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 12 Mar 10:

  • ASA 8.3.1 – Smart Tunnel and NAT Changes « Aaron’s Worthless Words – Aaron posts some initial thoguhts on ASA 8.3 code.
  • Sorry to say good-bye | Community – Brad "I'm an Internet Troll" Reese has been booted off Network World. Why "booted off" ? Because it looks like he didn't write his valedictory post.
    The editors here at Network World are sorry to say good-bye to Brad Reese and his popular On Cisco blog.

    Seems abrupt and a fast shove out of the door. Apparently he is still blogging on his own site but, meh.

  • Swedes serve up flicks with KVM • The Register – Instead of purchased an "approved and certified" stack from the major players like HP, or IBM or Cisco/VMware/EMC they went with their own version that's look very tasty indeed. No following the market consensus but selecting the best of breed for their solution.

    <li>Cisco UCS servers</li>
    <li>IBM Storage</li>
    <li>RedHat KVM virtualisation platform</li>

    And because they are Swedish, I'm betting that Ericsson got a fair bit of Redback Networking kit in there as well.

    <a href="">Swedes serve up flicks with KVM • The Register</a>: ""

  • Voltaire brings InfiniBand switch to the masses • The Register – I'm still not convinced that Ethernet is the best technology for the Data Centre and am open to Infiniband and PCI-E solutions perform better for top of rack solutions so I'm pleased to see the Infiniband is still progressing.

    This switch looks the business.

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