Internets of Interest for 10th February 2013


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 10th February 2013 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Microsoft’s PR Team Misfires As The Surface Pro Launches – Forbes – is giving Microsoft a slapping:

If there’s one thing that people are expecting from Microsoft, it’s to see an underhand move. Reading the reports, that opinion is going to be solidified and making it that bit harder to sell a Microsoft branded product, especially one that is one hundred percent Microsoft on both the software and hardware side of things.It’s true though.

As a customer, people don’t expect honesty or integrity from Microsoft. Everyone expects them to overcharging and underdelivering. That’s a bad place to be over time, even for a dominant company.

Software-Defined Networking: Network Analytics … | Brocade Communities – Discussion on ideas for SDN and it’s use in monitoring / telemetry in networking.

So, network telemetry solutions provide a remote network data monitoring capability. The monitored (eg. captured) data is then processed and analyzed, which provides all kinds of visibility into application data types and traffic flows; including availability and performance information. The resulting analysis of this data is then used for network and application optimization, service level agreement validation, various security related functions, and many other uses including identifying additional revenue and business opportunities.

Apps we can’t live without: Default Folder X | Macworld – Good review of one of my favourite Mac OS X tools.

Are We Living In A Culture Of Beta? | The Networking Nerd – Features are no longer cool. Stability and predictability is the new black networking

Stability can be patched.  Bugs can be coded out in the next release.  What’s important is that we hit our release date.  Who cares if it’s an unrealistic arbitrary day on the calendar picked by the marketing launch team?  We have to be ready otherwise Vendor B will have their widget out and our investors will get mad and sell off the stock!  The users will all leave us for the Next Big Thing and we’ll go out of business!!!

Superhero Noir Posters on Behance – Superhero Noir Posters – simply breathtaking.

Vendor EOL notice contains all of your current hardware – DevOps Reactions – FUNNY , FUNNY site. Added to RSS reader. :)

WIPS will disappear | WiFi Kiwi’s Blog – I agree with Chris. The idea of separate IPS and WIPS systems is not longer relevant as those functions move into the firewall software. Most of the features in IPS devices are arcane and obscure. Ownership & maintenance of an IPS is a costly and risky business process.

This lead me to a discussion I had with a co-worker about wired IPS systems and why we didn’t see many of our customers excited about looking at the latest developments with these products. What that basically came to was that more and more they were not seeing a need for these systems as the next generation firewall systems with deep packet inspection were taking over the role of the wired IPS devices. I realized then why the announcement of deep packet inspection capabilities that Aruba Networks is now incorporating into their products was so important and why it meant that WIPS products will disappear. Simply the security argument for these products was tenuous in most customer’s minds in any case and now that there is a simpler, more cost effective solution that focuses on the main issue, client security and posture, this means that much of the reasons to have an independent WIPS is gone.

IPS will survive in some form but the current market isn’t making customer’s happy.