Blue Coat to Acquire Packeteer-excellent-outcome

Fantastic news! As a long time user of Blue Coat and Packeteer, I am pretty excited about this. The Packeteer traffic management technologies is a long way ahead of the Cisco queueing strategy, and the Blue Coat product set has plenty of features that hold Cisco at bay in the WAN Acceleration (previously known as Traffic Management….sigh…queue the whale song)

Let hope this completes quickly and cleanly.

Blue Coat to Acquire Packeteer to Offer Comprehensive Solution for WAN Optimization | Blue Coat Systems, Inc.: “”

Om Malik has a few comments as well:


Thank goodness Nortel didn’t get an oar in.

  • Mike B

    So now Cisco of Borg can now buy both of them in one swoop.

    You too shall be assimilated.


  • Greg Ferro

    I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Both companies have quality technology and patent portfolio’s. Good technology is always of value.

    I hope you note that I am not a complete Cisco fanboi.

  • Nizar

    Have you heard of iPoque? It can control VoIP/Skype packets too.

    • Greg Ferro

      iPoque is for carriers and service providers. Which,in my opinion, is a lot simpler than enterprise networks. Carriers might be big, but they need to be simple to scale and be supported.

      Packeteer is much more sophisticated than that product.