Network Design – Creativity and Compromise

Of all the disciplines that are needed by a ëNetwork Consultantí, the one of design is by far the most difficult for me. For years I wondered why I found designing solutions difficult. I’m a CCIE with over 15 years experience; Iíve worked with some great networking people and on some very complex networks. Iíve got a stack of excellent books, Iíve even read some of them, yet I still find it difficult to be decisive and confident when designing.

The Ancient and Noble Art of Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, itís something we all do. It may be your parents Internet connection, the company photocopier, your kidís car or the core network of a medium sized bank. However, troubleshooting is not like that, itís more like football, years of watching and playing does not guarantee to make you a superstar. However, with troubleshooting, just like football, it does teach you enough so you have an opinion on how it should be done.

So You Want to be a Network Consultant

Having spent over twenty years in I.T. and over seventeen years in networking, Iíve worked with a lot of Network Engineers. Career progression has always been a hot topic. Iíve always been interested in learning how people have found themselves in the job they now do. Here are ten tips from a Technical Services Director (or Vice President) on how to work for a Reseller.

How do you interview for technical people?

The classical method of interviewing (either in person or over the phone), I’ve always found to be quite useless. It does have a ‘weeding’ effect of removing the completely clueless, but that’s all. The problem is when you ask people to describe protocols/systems/methods etc you’re testing their booksmart skills, not their real world ones.