Which Network Topology?

Recently Iíve come across some interesting terms for variants of common network topologies, so I decided I’d try to list as many of them as I can for reference. Please suggest others to add.

Is the Network Administrator Role Going Away?

Please welcome Ziyad Basheer for his first post on EtherealMind.

Network automation tools are nothing new, but vendors are starting to implement deployment simplifying tools such as Cisco’s AutoQoS and AutoSecure. These tools for reducing repetitive deployments’ costs and assist configuration are a mark of a trend. Dynamic deployment tools will only get more popular and eventually gain mainstream deployment within the multiple facets of the network.†

10 Networking Books to read before you dieÖ.

Are all networking books over 10 years old obsolete? Kevin Bovis a Technical Services Director with Cisco Gold Partner provides 10 examples that would suggest that some networking books are worth keeping and can provide a bit of credibility to an ageing Technical Manager.

FCoE and standards: this is what really matters

In the recent weeks, J. Michael Metz from Cisco entered a ****ing contest with my friend Greg and decided to prove that the FCoE standards are done.

Your Feedback Wanted: When Is It Time To Go Independent?

For years, my services have belonged to one employer at a time. †They advertise for a position. †I interview. †We chat, perhaps multiple times. †If we like each other, there’s a negotiated offer, and I come on board. †We hug, shed a joyful tear or two, and I settle in behind the keyboard with fellow […]

Should a networking engineer care about servers and storage?

As you might have noticed, everyone is talking about Data Centers lately and all the new “revolutionary” networking technologies are targeted at this segment. The reason is simple: server virtualization (not to mention the vapor-word) will forever change the networking landscape and the networking engineers might get badly hurt if caught unprepared.

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket?

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket? Something I heard this week made me really start to wonder?

Sharing Ideas – GLBP and HSRP

John McManus kicks off writing at EtherealMind with a look HSRP and GLBP First Hop Redundancy Protocols.

Why the CCIE program is more useful than the certification itself.

The CCIE program isn’t just about knowledge, it’s also about technique and methods that help you continue learning all your life.

F5 LTM and tcp timouts

One of the dangers of being from a pure cisco background is assumption. You treat all devices as if they have the same defaults as ‘normal’ Cisco devices. I think I’m pretty good at avoiding this, but it gets us all sometimes. As we all know, when you run long lived TCP connections through application […]

RIP – dynamips, we’ll miss you…

Dynamips, along with the control tools dynagen and GNS3, have become the one of the biggest assets to anyone studying, learning, or trying to build and test systems built with Cisco routers. For those trying to improve their Cisco skills, it means the difference between just reading the book, or attending the class, and being […]

DNSSec – and why the Internet probably won’t break today.

DNSsec and it’s impact on Cisco firewalls and networking. Are you ready for the change on the 5th May

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