Is the Network Administrator Role Going Away?

Please welcome Ziyad Basheer for his first post on EtherealMind.

Network automation tools are nothing new, but vendors are starting to implement deployment simplifying tools such as Cisco’s AutoQoS and AutoSecure. These tools for reducing repetitive deployments’ costs and assist configuration are a mark of a trend. Dynamic deployment tools will only get more popular and eventually gain mainstream deployment within the multiple facets of the network.†

Your Feedback Wanted: When Is It Time To Go Independent?

For years, my services have belonged to one employer at a time. †They advertise for a position. †I interview. †We chat, perhaps multiple times. †If we like each other, there’s a negotiated offer, and I come on board. †We hug, shed a joyful tear or two, and I settle in behind the keyboard with fellow […]

Should a networking engineer care about servers and storage?

As you might have noticed, everyone is talking about Data Centers lately and all the new “revolutionary” networking technologies are targeted at this segment. The reason is simple: server virtualization (not to mention the vapor-word) will forever change the networking landscape and the networking engineers might get badly hurt if caught unprepared.

F5 LTM and tcp timouts

One of the dangers of being from a pure cisco background is assumption. You treat all devices as if they have the same defaults as ‘normal’ Cisco devices. I think I’m pretty good at avoiding this, but it gets us all sometimes. As we all know, when you run long lived TCP connections through application […]