Basics – Docker, Containers, Hypervisors, CoreOS


Containers virtualize at the operating system level, Hypervisors virtualize at the hardware level. Hypervisors abstract the operating system from hardware,┬ácontainers abstract the application from the operation system. Hypervisors┬áconsumes storage space for each instance.┬áContainers use a single storage space plus smaller deltas for each layer and thus are much more efficient. Containers can boot and be […]

Rant: VMware vCheese Becomes vChAir – Logo Parody


VMware announced the vCloud Hosted Services a while back and it was mostly known as vCheese for short. This week it was rebranded as “vCloud Air Network” and that is too much of a mouthful to keep saying as well. Don’t these marketing people live in the real world ? Lets me share my suggestion …….

Blame the System For Resisting Change – Not The People


I often hear vendors and pundits proclaim that Enterprise is resisting change. In particular, they say that individuals in Enterprises can’t see the change or won’t discuss buying new technology. I see these objections as failure of the current system and much less due to the people.