Why I Hate ITIL So Much


In the middle of 2014, Justin Warren¬† sent me a series of interview questions on the topic of why I hate ITIL so much. The process of writing a response got me … um, motivated and spat a substantial amount of bile. Here it is.¬† Why do you hate ITIL so much? How did you […]

Response: Arista EOS & Quality


This video from Ken Duda at Arista is, perhaps, the best explanation of Arista’s success with customers. As an engineer, I found this talk inspirational. No bonuses for hitting ship dates. This avoids “good enough” code getting shipped. Sure there are money problems associated with this but Arista believes quality is better. You write the […]

Walled Gardens and Other Overlay Networks


Russ White wonders if the resurgence of Walled Gardens on the Internet is bad or a good thing. The long-term rise of Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat and other applications seems to be a sustaining trend. Overlay Network Previous walled gardens like AOL and CompuServe have been composting for many years. Their unique value was that they […]

Briefing: Project Calico – BGP-driven SDN Without Overlays


The following is a “paper review” of Project Calico following a recent briefing. I’ve conducted a short review of the technology and business issues around the product and conclude that its unlikely to be competitive with Docker libnetwork that was announced a few weeks back or existing SDN Solutions in the market today.