ARIN Enters Phase Two of the IPv4 Countdown Plan

That means only AfriNIC has plenty of addresses. If you love IPv6, now is your chance to stampede ARIN and claim all the IPv4 addresses you can. We won’t see any serious upgrading until the ipocalypse is forced onto everyone.

Burn, waste and consume those IPv4 addresses, make the future brighter :)


ARIN now has 3 /8s of available space in its inventory and has moved into Phase Two of its IPv4 Countdown Plan.

There are three key changes that are triggered in this phase.

1. All /16 and larger IPv4 requests will be placed in the IPv4 Review Team queue, and will be reviewed in the order they were received according to their timestamp. Because each correspondence will be processed in sequence, it is possible that response times may exceed the usual two-day turnaround.

via ARIN Enters Phase Two of the IPv4 Countdown Plan.