Do You Really Need Investment Protection for Your Network ?

When the sales grunt talks about investment protection, its sure sign that they have run out of features, functions or value propositions to sell you. But do you really need investment protection or is it just another revenue stream for vendors (and a cost for you).

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Rant: VMware vCheese Becomes vChAir – Logo Parody

VMware announced the vCloud Hosted Services a while back and it was mostly known as vCheese for short. This week it was rebranded as “vCloud Air Network” and that is too much of a mouthful to keep saying as well. Don’t these marketing people live in the real world ? Lets me share my suggestion …….


Musing: First thoughts on how Cisco ACI Works

I’ve been reading the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Design Guide. Sometimes I see a product of genius and wondrous use of technology, other times I’m like ‘did they do it the hard way or what’ ?


Blame the System For Resisting Change – Not The People

I often hear vendors and pundits proclaim that Enterprise is resisting change. In particular, they say that individuals in Enterprises can’t see the change or won’t discuss buying new technology. I see these objections as failure of the current system and much less due to the people.


Cisco Cuts Another 6000 Jobs Q4 2014 – Should I Be Concerned ?

Cisco announced another 6000 job cuts in the Q4 2014 Results announcement yesterday in addition to the 5000 job cuts announced last quarter. Cisco has (or had) approx. 75000 employes so that’s a lot of jobs (more than 20%) in a short period of time and this leaves me pondering the impact to the products […]

Huawei Learning Website

Huawei is showing some signs of maturity in the Enterprise market with this Learning website offering free e-learning courses. Unfortunately, it’s seriously restricted to partners or some other weird criteria for membership. Entitlement E-Learning courses currently face to the following types of users: Huawei channel partners; Huawei Authorized Learning Partner(HALP) and the one who passed […]


Permission and Proof in Private Clouds

I’m often told that the enterprise customer will take years to implement Private Clouds because the enterprise is slow to adopt new technologies. Yet the private cloud is happening faster than seems practical and there has to be a reason that is driving adoption so quickly. It’s simple, point to the success of others and use that as proof of success and use that to generate permission to implement change.

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Announcing the Network Break Podcast

The Network Break is a new Packet Pushers podcast where we discuss "state of the business" in networking and enterprise infrastructure. Andrew Conry-Murray and I discuss vendors moves and news, product and ploys, analysis on product and positioning, and look at the business of networking in a short … [Read More...]


My Private Cloud Block Architecture Diagram

When planning network architecture for the next few years,  I believe that it is important to comprehend that the network is just a one part of an overall system. The ITIL foolishness that drive most IT infrastructure processes prevents clear systemic thinking and I'm often having to explain how the … [Read More...]


Blessay: The Internet is a “Cloud” for Networking

Can the Internet be the “Cloud Network” ? If so, when could the transition happen (if it hasn’t started already) ? Supposition/Hypothesis As a technology, the Internet has strikingly similar properties to sharing Compute and Storage as ‘Cloud’. A large pool of resource that can be used or shared … [Read More...]


Book Release: Tips on Using Visio To Make Network Diagrams

Back in 2009, while working on a network diagram in Visio, a fellow worker asked me to show him how I did certain things. I thought this a bit strange at the time, but when other co-workers started asking the same questions I was surprised. Some of them got quite excited and said nice things and it … [Read More...]


VCE chooses Cisco ACI as SDN Strategy Instead of VMware NSX

Lede: I doubt that anyone bought a Vblock because it was a market leading networking strategy. I've been a supporter of VCE in the past but I'm doubtful that choosing Cisco ACI is good strategy for customers. My view is that most customers buy VCE Vblocks as a VMware platform. What VCE offers is a … [Read More...]


Cheap Network Equipment Makes a Better Data Centre

TL:DR A recent project bought a low-cost network for the data centre. It cost less one-third of the market leader &  half the cost of a well-known merchant silicon vendors. As a result, it is planned to last for two, maybe three years before it will be replaced. From this project I learned that … [Read More...]

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