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Concerns about SD-WAN Standards and Interoperability

Ivan raises good points about SD-WAN and interoperability on his blog today. But I think the benefits of SD-WAN are too good to wait for ten years for standards to catch up. Oh, and its up to you to demand standards from the vendors.


Musing: Increasing Dependence on DNS in SDN World

Containers, IPv6 and “SDN DNS” is why DNS is critical to your network architecture and day-to-day operations. At the same time, “DNS operations” doesn’t seem to be getting the attention considering how critical it is to network, servers and DevOps alike. I wonder if I am missing something.


Differentiation in Software Defined WAN

One of the most interesting things about SD-WAN is the level of real differentiation between the different vendors that has actual business outcomes. Let me explain, most SD-WAN vendors are using overlay networks to bypass the restrictions and limitations of IP routing. A few of the features in common are: multi-path networking dynamic and temporal […]


Response: My Industry Thoughts in 30 Seconds

Ivan posted his answers to 3 questions posed by a media agency. I got the same email and perhaps my thoughts might add something to the discussion. Q. What can enterprises do to ensure that their infrastructure is ready for next-gen networking technology implementations emerging in the next decade? Hire more people and invest in […]

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Blessay: My New Criteria for Network Design and Architecture

Today you design resilient, redundant networks with what you have. Tomorrow, we need networks that use using software and freedom to be predictable and safe. For the last 20 years, network design has been focussed on working around limitations of the protocols anddevices that are available. … [Read More...]

Microsoft might be dominant in the Enterprise but it is minor player when you consider tablets & smartphones. With the consumer market generating more profit and revenue than corporate, Microsoft is not the biggest player.

Blessay: Enterprise IT Comes Last In Technology Innovation

There was a time when Enterprise IT defined the future of computing. Laptops were designed for corporate consumption first and the best software was sold to enterprise for business use. The other markets for computers was "home users" who were offered cheap, low quality and low performance versions … [Read More...]

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