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how many hosts in single vlan

How Many Hosts In An VLAN or IP Subnet and Why ?

It is common to allocate /24 or /22 subnets to a single VLAN but William writes to ask why and whether is related to broadcasts. What is the best subnet size for VLAN allocation and why ? The answer isn’t what you think.


Unreliable Multicast means Unreliable VMware VSAN

Howard Marks from Deep Storage and long-term curmudgeon sent Ethan & I the following email: As I continue to tilt at the VMware windmill I’m facing fanbois telling me that all you have to do is plug the EVO:RAIL in and turn it on.  This of course leaves out the fact that the little sucker still […]

Response: Docker Networking | Chris Swan’s Weblog

I’ve spent some hours taking a look at Docker containers and how they connect to the network. The short summary is “messy” and better description is “train wreck”. Chris Swan has a 30 minute presentation on his experiences with Docker as part of his company VNS3. Docker Networking | Chris Swan’s Weblog. At this point […]


Tech Notes: Difference Between OS1 and OS2 Fibre Optic Cable

These are two standards for single mode fibre optic cabling from a total of  five types of fibre that are generically used today known of “OF types” (OM1, OM2, OM3 for multimode and OS1,OS2 for single mode.) OS1 is for indoor use  i.e. Campus, Data Centre. Cabling is is tight buffered (i.e. manufactured into solid […]


Less Sales, Simpler Products, Easier Buying

Out of sheer frustration this week, I tweeted this and got a big response: The Back Story I’ve wasted about 60 hours of customers time working with resellers & vendors to get a quote for a relatively simple network upgrade. Neither the vendor staffers or the reseller employees knew how the product was licensed or […]


Cisco On Net Neutrality Isn’t What It Seems

Chambers pointed the finger at Net Neutrality for a slow down in purchasing by carriers in US markets and that he perceives it as damaging to Cisco business interests. I find it more credible that SDN/NFV is slowing capital investments than some far off political change.

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Announcing the Network Break Podcast

The Network Break is a new Packet Pushers podcast where we discuss "state of the business" in networking and enterprise infrastructure. Andrew Conry-Murray and I discuss vendors moves and news, product and ploys, analysis on product and positioning, and look at the business of networking in a short … [Read More...]


My Private Cloud Block Architecture Diagram

When planning network architecture for the next few years,  I believe that it is important to comprehend that the network is just a one part of an overall system. The ITIL foolishness that drive most IT infrastructure processes prevents clear systemic thinking and I'm often having to explain how the … [Read More...]


Blessay: The Internet is a “Cloud” for Networking

Can the Internet be the “Cloud Network” ? If so, when could the transition happen (if it hasn’t started already) ? Supposition/Hypothesis As a technology, the Internet has strikingly similar properties to sharing Compute and Storage as ‘Cloud’. A large pool of resource that can be used or shared … [Read More...]

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