Response: http2 explained

Been researching HTTP2 protocol on the basis that is will, more or less, be the dominant protocol on the Internet and everywhere else. Aside from the […]

Monospaced Fonts and Command Line

Recently I’ve been on a search for a ‘better’ font to use in terminals. In an unrelated coincidence, I learned about anti-aliasing, I still don’t understand it but it makes a difference.

IOS: show tcp vty

On Cisco IOS, this is a very useful command “show tcp vty xx” to show TCP statistics of the VTY session. If you think your terminal is running slow because of packet loss or delay then this command will provide visibility. The other cause is the CPU/Memory running slow if you don’t see any errors on the TCP (as you can see below).

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If Cisco Could Be Split Up, What Could Go ?

Following the breakups of IBM and HP as they divest the low profit divisions and EMC under a some pressure to disband the Federation, the same question is often raised about Cisco but what could go ?


Last Chance at Chassis Switch Saloon

In recent network designs, the big, hot and heavy chassis switch has become the last option for a number of reasons. Switch Performance and Capacity. Port Density In the past, the most common decision for buying a chassis has been port density. A chassis backplane provides a high speed connection for the line cards to […]


Poster: Life Dashboard

I wish my life was like this dashboard where I could turn all the knobs to ten but I can’t.


I Challenge Me And You To 30 Blogs in 30 days

There are many people who are dissatisfied with the social media platforms. I am too. I’m challenging myself to blog 30 times in 30 days to highlight the blog as the best social media platform.


Rant: Oh, You Want It To Work As Well ?

When we spend millions of dollars on a network product we don’t actually expect it to work. That’s why it is completely normal to see job advertisement for a 5 day contract engagement to perform a validation that product doesn’t have any bugs. Think about the cost incurred by this company to check if this Cisco Nexus is actually fit for purpose.

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My Private Cloud Block Architecture Diagram

When planning network architecture for the next few years,  I believe that it is important to comprehend that the network is just a one part of an overall system. The ITIL foolishness that drive most IT infrastructure processes prevents clear systemic thinking and I'm often having to explain how the … [Read More...]


Blessay: The Internet is a “Cloud” for Networking

Can the Internet be the “Cloud Network” ? If so, when could the transition happen (if it hasn’t started already) ? Supposition/Hypothesis As a technology, the Internet has strikingly similar properties to sharing Compute and Storage as ‘Cloud’. A large pool of resource that can be used or shared … [Read More...]


Book Release: Tips on Using Visio To Make Network Diagrams

Back in 2009, while working on a network diagram in Visio, a fellow worker asked me to show him how I did certain things. I thought this a bit strange at the time, but when other co-workers started asking the same questions I was surprised. Some of them got quite excited and said nice things and it … [Read More...]

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