Where are we with SDN in May 2015 ?

There is so much to talk about in SDN that I couldn’t finish any of the dozen or so blog posts that I started in the last three weeks. Instead I created a 15 minute Keynote presentation that had the key points that I wanted to blog about.


Cisco’s Has a New CEO as John Chambers stays on.

John Chambers steps down as CEO, remains Executive Chairman & Chairman of Board. Chuck Robbins, sales & operations executive, will become CEO suggesting not much will change. Some thoughts and speculation.

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AWS Summit London – Come For The IaaS, Stay For the PaaS

I attended the AWS Summit in London yesterday. Here are some observations in no particular order. Come for the IaaS, Stay for the PaaS. AWS made a strong case about their portfolio of software services such as AWS Lambda, Cloudformation, KMS and Cloudtrail. Its no longer just compute, storage and networking its all about the […]


Network Zen: You Cant Change The Fact But You Might Change The Perception

  The mendicant was perplexed. This wasn’t unusual and, truth be told, the mendicant often didn’t understand everything and lived in a constant state of perplexedness. But this time, he was sure of the facts and knew that something was not right. He sighed and went to find the the Master. The Master was communing […]


Analysis: 3 Emerging Categories in Networking Markets for 2015

The most significant underlying technology trend in networking is that startups have taken analytics and big data software and applied it to network devices. Three emerging product categories are Security Threat Systems, Software Defined WAN and Network Analytics & Control.

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Blessay: My New Criteria for Network Design and Architecture

Today you design resilient, redundant networks with what you have. Tomorrow, we need networks that use using software and freedom to be predictable and safe. For the last 20 years, network design has been focussed on working around limitations of the protocols anddevices that are available. … [Read More...]

Microsoft might be dominant in the Enterprise but it is minor player when you consider tablets & smartphones. With the consumer market generating more profit and revenue than corporate, Microsoft is not the biggest player.

Blessay: Enterprise IT Comes Last In Technology Innovation

There was a time when Enterprise IT defined the future of computing. Laptops were designed for corporate consumption first and the best software was sold to enterprise for business use. The other markets for computers was "home users" who were offered cheap, low quality and low performance versions … [Read More...]


Announcing the Network Break Podcast

The Network Break is a new Packet Pushers podcast where we discuss "state of the business" in networking and enterprise infrastructure. Andrew Conry-Murray and I discuss vendors moves and news, product and ploys, analysis on product and positioning, and look at the business of networking in a short … [Read More...]

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