Briefing: Project Calico – BGP-driven SDN Without Overlays

The following is a “paper review” of Project Calico following a recent briefing. I’ve conducted a short review of the technology and business issues around the product and conclude that its unlikely to be competitive with Docker libnetwork that was announced a few weeks back or existing SDN Solutions in the market today.

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Musing: Virtual Appliances and Shorter Lifecycles

I’ve been writing and talking about the need for IT teams to reduce the lifecycle of infrastructure to 3 years. For this to happen, the following items: pay less for products so that money can be spent on projects to replace and upgrade pay less so that ROI can be achieved 3 years design so […]


Bi-Modal IT Bemusement – I Call It Project-Driven IT

I’ve been much amused byBi-Modal IT that Gartner coughed up a few months back. Bimodal IT refers to having two modes of IT, each designed to develop and deliver information- and technology-intensive services in its own way. Mode 1 is traditional, emphasizing scalability, efficiency, safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is nonsequential, emphasizing agility and speed. […]


Concerns about SD-WAN Standards and Interoperability

Ivan raises good points about SD-WAN and interoperability on his blog today. But I think the benefits of SD-WAN are too good to wait for ten years for standards to catch up. Oh, and its up to you to demand standards from the vendors.


Musing: Increasing Dependence on DNS in SDN World

Containers, IPv6 and “SDN DNS” is why DNS is critical to your network architecture and day-to-day operations. At the same time, “DNS operations” doesn’t seem to be getting the attention considering how critical it is to network, servers and DevOps alike. I wonder if I am missing something.

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Microsoft might be dominant in the Enterprise but it is minor player when you consider tablets & smartphones. With the consumer market generating more profit and revenue than corporate, Microsoft is not the biggest player.

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