Click Those Brogues Together

Rant: Living with Legacy and Public Cloud Farting

No matter how hard the clouderati click the heels of their brogues together and repeat “public cloud is better” , the simple fact is that most companies have large amounts of IT infrastructure that works just fine and is profitable. To make matters worse, the cost of transformation exceeds the potential financial return while creating […]


Response: RFC 7167 – A Framework for Point-to-Multipoint

Frame Relay was to teach multipoint networking to upcoming engineers and we recently abandoned on the curriculum. Now it’s back in MPLS-TP.


Brocade Vyatta & Forwarding Performance on X86 Server

It’s a constant and oft repeated fallacy that software on x86 servers will never forward packets at speed. Here is Vyatta explaining why their software will be able to go past 100 Million Packets Per Second this year on standard COTS hardware.


Response: Speeds and Feeds › Of Money, Responsibility, and Pride

Steve Marquess who manages the business side of the OpenSSL Foundation talks about the shabby state of corporate support for open source development. I want to call out this paragraph first (although many other are more interesting), about the courage and discipline it takes to publish your work in the face of fear of public […]


Rant: Is It Open ? I Don’t Know What Open Is Anymore

Stuff me but I don’t know what open is anymore.


Network Dictionary: Technical Debt

Define the term “technical debt”

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Response: Rate-limiting State and Internet Frailty – ACM

This article from the Association of Computing Machinery and written by no less than Paul Vixie. It is a detailed review of the basic facts of the Internet being smart at the edge and dumb in the middle. By design, the Internet core is stupid, and the edge is smart. This design decision has enabled […]


Response: Best Of Interop 2014 Winners Unveiled

Well deserved Overall Best of Interop  (in my opinion) for OpenDaylight Hydrogen release. As the IEEE and IETF fail deliver on innovation we are turning to open source for real progress & change in networking. While the Open Daylight Hydrogen release is a bit rough, it deserves the Best of Interop award for the reasons […]


FCoE, 10GBaseT and BER – problem managed

Some time ago I wrote that FCoE would have problems on 10GBaseT due to relatively high error rates of 10GBaseT deployment. New information suggests that this problem is solved under certain circumstances.


Book Release: Tips on Using Visio To Make Network Diagrams

I’ve unearthed and updated a guide to creating network diagrams in Visio. I wrote the first versions in 2010 using a custom software and finally worked out how to export the data. If you ever wanted to


OpenStack and Sausage Making

Who doesn’t love sausages but have you ever made them ? It’s messy,


Vendor Price Variation on 40 Gigabit SFP Modules – It’s Nuts

In a recent project, I noted an astonishing difference in price of the optical and copper cabling assemblies associated with 10Gigabit Networking. I conclude that some companies are including a “license fee” in the cost of these components and making the overall cost harder to determine.


My Best Lifestyle Interview Question. And Why.

What the best question to ask your future employer in a job interview ?


Response: A3 Communications – In The Know & Customer Activism by Blogging

Federica Monsone of A3 Communications in the UK has conducted a survey on staying informed on the storage industry. The data shows blogs & bloggers are highly trusted sources for customers. Specifically, decision makers turn to trusted advisors such as analysts and vendors about 45% of the time time, mainstream press about 35% and blogs […]

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Blessay (Deep Content)


Book Release: Tips on Using Visio To Make Network Diagrams

Back in 2009, while working on a network diagram in Visio, a fellow worker asked me to show him how I did certain things. I thought this a bit strange at the time, but when other co-workers started asking the same questions I was surprised. Some of them got quite excited and said nice things and it … [Read More...]


VCE chooses Cisco ACI as SDN Strategy Instead of VMware NSX

Lede: I doubt that anyone bought a Vblock because it was a market leading networking strategy. I've been a supporter of VCE in the past but I'm doubtful that choosing Cisco ACI is good strategy for customers. My view is that most customers buy VCE Vblocks as a VMware platform. What VCE offers is a … [Read More...]


Cheap Network Equipment Makes a Better Data Centre

TL:DR A recent project bought a low-cost network for the data centre. It cost less one-third of the market leader &  half the cost of a well-known merchant silicon vendors. As a result, it is planned to last for two, maybe three years before it will be replaced. From this project I learned that … [Read More...]


Net Neutrality and Net Reality

Recently, Dave at DavesBlog made some rather startling observations that Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic, backed up by a comment from some low level help desk staffer that this is true. Taking a casual comment as "truth" is wildly unreasonable. On the Internet, it is very hard to pick the … [Read More...]

SDN Strategy Map (Click for Larger Image)

Blessay: Categorising SDN Network Solutions and Architectures for Understanding

I've been digging deeper into the SDN architectures over the last few days and there may be a pattern starting to emerge. I'm currently figuring that there are four broad classes of SDN technology that you can fairly neatly classify the current products from vendors. I'm classifying SDN Solutions … [Read More...]


Blessay: Is the Data Centre “One Network” or “Connected Smaller Networks”

Most people refer to the “Data Centre Network” as though it was a single network. In practice, data centres have a number of individual networks.  Each network is specifically designed for a specific purpose and function. A typical data centre network design has about five individual networks that … [Read More...]


◎My Cloud Computing Car Story

I was eating the last of my toast as I sat down into the driver seat of my "CloudCar". Customer visit at 09:30am. As I slipped my SmartPhone into the cradle, the dashboard screen came to life and opened the NavSat app with an error message that my maps were out of date and would I like to download … [Read More...]


◎ Debating Whether Network Engineers Need to Learn Programming

The rise of Software Defined Networking has led to a steady stream of emails from network engineers asking whether they need to learn to programming in the future. After consideration, I currently think that the answer is mostly no but some percentage of networking people will gain and use specific … [Read More...]

◎ Are We At Peak Networking Pricing ? What Will Commoditisation Deliver ?

Many people are predicting that networking will become a heavily commoditised with cheap white box hardware in the next few years. But I don't believe commoditisation will happen the way that most people expect. So in this article I'm working through different ideas and concepts on product pricing … [Read More...]

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