Network Dictionary: Homoglyphs

A homoglyph is a text characters with shapes that identical or similar to each other. Common examples are zero/O and one/l . More complex Homoglyphs are derived from […]

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Analysis: 3 Emerging Categories in Networking Markets for 2015

The most significant underlying technology trend in networking is that startups have taken analytics and big data software and applied it to network devices. Three emerging product categories are Security Threat Systems, Software Defined WAN and Network Analytics & Control.

Screenshot of Wireshark (31-03-2015 10:49:13)

Thought for The Day: NetBIOS over IPX

I found a capture file from 2002. I must have been troubleshooting name resolution of NetBIOS over IPX for print servers because I am only capturing broadcasts on the Ethernet segment. And Wireshark can still open a data format from 15 years ago and render the data.   I surely do not miss these days. […]


Musing: HP Networking Futures after deals with Aruba & H3C

HP Networking will acquire Aruba and now it is selling 51% stake in H3C to a Chinese venture capital firm.  What could this mean for HP Networking customers ?  The sale of a controlling interest in H3C means that HP Networking has government support (blessing?) to sell products in China. The Chinese government has been […]

The End of WHOIS ?

The convergence trend on HTTPS protocol continues to gather momentum. This time it is the venerable WHOIS protocol that is poised to be replaced with RDAP over HTTP.


Analysis: CloudFlare Keyless SSL Scales Down Internet Connections

Providing a web application on the Internet can be a risky business. DDOS attacks are commonly exceeding 40 Gigabits per second of data, crackers are web crawling the Internet looking for vulnerabilities and much more. As a result, the data centre Internet connection is scaled for a worst case scenario and not for customer need. […]

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Blessay: My New Criteria for Network Design and Architecture

Today you design resilient, redundant networks with what you have. Tomorrow, we need networks that use using software and freedom to be predictable and safe. For the last 20 years, network design has been focussed on working around limitations of the protocols anddevices that are available. … [Read More...]

Microsoft might be dominant in the Enterprise but it is minor player when you consider tablets & smartphones. With the consumer market generating more profit and revenue than corporate, Microsoft is not the biggest player.

Blessay: Enterprise IT Comes Last In Technology Innovation

There was a time when Enterprise IT defined the future of computing. Laptops were designed for corporate consumption first and the best software was sold to enterprise for business use. The other markets for computers was "home users" who were offered cheap, low quality and low performance versions … [Read More...]


Announcing the Network Break Podcast

The Network Break is a new Packet Pushers podcast where we discuss "state of the business" in networking and enterprise infrastructure. Andrew Conry-Murray and I discuss vendors moves and news, product and ploys, analysis on product and positioning, and look at the business of networking in a short … [Read More...]


My Private Cloud Block Architecture Diagram

When planning network architecture for the next few years,  I believe that it is important to comprehend that the network is just a one part of an overall system. The ITIL foolishness that drive most IT infrastructure processes prevents clear systemic thinking and I'm often having to explain how the … [Read More...]

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